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We guarantee Fixed Price Quoting. This means the amount payable is the amount agreed, regardless of whether the job takes longer then expected.

PVC REPAIRS We are experts in PVC adhesive repairs. Before waterbeds, George was a workshop manager with inflatable boats, repairing seams, replacing valves, repairing bulkheads and repairing transoms that carry up to 35hp outboard motors. Also bringing standard inflatable boats to Surf Life Saving specifications. In comparison, repairing a waterbed bladder is a walk in the park for our team. We will diagnose the problem, relieve your concerns, make snappy repairs and get you back in bed Pronto.

REPAIRS Throughout life, accidents happen however, with more than 30 years experience in the waterbed craft, Big George The Waterbed Doctor and his Team of Craftsmen have seen it all. We can

  • Replace valves utilising a double bond technique,
  • Repair Straight seams,
  • Repair Corner seams,
  • Repair T seams,
  • Undertake Reconstructions,
  • Repair Simple punctures,
  • Repair Cuts,
  • Repair Long rips,
  • Repair Corner tears,
  • and Repair damaged timbers on all makes of beds.

PUMP OUT Our team can pumpout & vacuum seal, fold and bag your waterbed mattress to prevent the internal wave reducing mats from getting tangled and damaged. This also makes it easier to relocate the bed when moving house..

On-site Waterbed Service Options

E1 Empty and fold waterbed bladder

E2 Empty, fold and pack waterbed bladder

E3 Empty, fold bladder and disassemble bed

E4 Empty, fold, pack bladder and disassemble bed

E5 Empty, fold, pack bladder, disassemble and pack bed

E6 Repair waterbed leaks.

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  • Are you looking for an upgrade that enables you to modernise your bed without replacing the entire bed?
  • Are you in need of modernising your bed, replacing your base and add some draws?
  • What ablout adding some heavy duty casters to enable you to easily move your bed and more?
  • Give us a call and we can discuss your upgrading options.

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